About Us

Hi!  My name is Holly and I'm the creator of Ponyology.com!

My love of ponies started when I was just a little girl, they were always my favorite toy to play with.  Most of my ponies came from local garage sales that my mom would take us to on the weekends.  I only remember buying a couple of  ponies new from the store.

I have been actively collecting, selling, buying and trading ponies for over 10 years now!  It all started when I got out my old collection from childhood to reminisce and just decided to do a quick search on ebay to see what they were selling for.  Well, seeing all those ponies for sale made me want to buy more ponies, not sell the ones I had!  So my love affair with My Little Pony was reignighted and hasn't stopped since!

After selling ponies on ebay for a long time I started to get tired of their crazy fees and really wanted my own online pony store where I could really feature each pony with beautiful pictures and not worry so much about what percentage ebay was going to take from the shipping costs!  My real job is being a web developer so naturally I decided to just make my own website!  I still sell a few things on ebay from time to time if they don't really fit anywhere on Ponyology.  A lot of work and learning has gone into Ponyology and I hope that you all enjoy the site, find it easy to use, drool at the beautiful pictures and most of all, find that missing member to your herd!

Thanks for visiting and please enjoy your stay!