Princess Brush 'N Grow Ponies

Welcome to another My Little Pony video review!  Today we are going to be looking at the full set of Princess Brush 'N Grow Ponies from year 7 (1988-1989) of the G1 My Little Pony line! 

The Princess Brush 'N Grow Ponies collection came with 4 ponies; Skylark, Star Gleamer, Brilliant Bloom and Glittering Gem.  All of the Princess Brush 'N Grow ponies have a pretty shiny jewel on their foreheads and sparkling tinsel in their manes.  Their symbols are striped multicolored silhouettes of stars, hearts, birds or flowers. 

Just like the original Brush 'N Grow Ponies, the Princess Brush 'N Grow Ponies have tails that can grow or get shorter!  Twist their heads back and forth to make the pony's tail get shorter.  To make their tails grow again just pull on them!

All of the Princess Brush 'N Grow Ponies have extra long hair with 3 colors in their mane and tail.  They each came with a pony ribbon, two barrettes that say "I LUV YOU", a long handled brush and a long handled comb!

These special ponies aren't sold in stores anymore, but you can sometimes find them for sale in our store at

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