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My Little Pony Pom Pom Cheerleader outfit
February 15, 2013
That's right! For a long time our shopping cart wasn't able to estimate international shipping charges and payment arrangements had to be made separately through paypal. No more! I am so happy to announce that we have now figured everything out and our international buyers can complete their orders 100% through our website just like our US customers have been able to!
My Little Pony
October 3, 2011
Hey Everypony! Just wanted to give everyone a heads up that there's going to be lots and lots and lots of new ponies going up for sale over the next few days and even weeks! Make sure to check back every day for the new stuff and as always, if you're an international buyer just send me a message and we'll do the transaction through paypal as I don't have the site's shopping cart set up to take international orders. Here's hoping that lots of ponies get great new homes soon!
Pony Photo Studio
December 16, 2009
The number one reason why most internet products don't sell is not because of pricing or bad products. It's because of bad pictures! We've recently stumbled upon a setup that works really well for taking great product shots.
My Little Pony
September 20, 2009
I'm sure most of you have seen ponies who are unable to stand on their own with out a prop or leaning up against a wall. Here's a quick and simple way to fix warped pony legs.
My Little Pony
August 28, 2009
Here's something to get excited about! This year Hasbro will be releasing a new My Little Pony advent calendar which will come with 3 ponies and over 40 accessories!