Lady Lovely Locks Castle




Castle LovelyLocks
"Welcome to the most beautiful castle in the Kingdom! When children open the castle with the special key and swing open the gates, they'll discover an enchanting courtyard filled with excitement and fun - there's a swing and slide for the Pixietails and the Maidens! There's a gazebo where two Maidens can sit and have a tea party! And perches for the Pixietails for Pixietail picnics and seesaw for Pixietail play! The basket/elevator takes the Pixietails up to the guard tower to watch out for Duchess RavenWaves!"


While not exactly related to My Little Ponies, I thought this would be an interesting find for some of the Ponyology customers! It's the Lady Lovelylocks Castle playset in good display condition. Comes with most of the original accessories and LOTS of pixietail friends to play with! Includes the Castle in good working order, key to open the gate, slide, basket elevator, see-saw and a swing which is broken but could be fixed with a little glue. Also includes 19 Pixietials! Castle is in good overall condition with some parts being a little yellowed due to age. Still closes up nicely and the key works to open the gate doors. Cute and unique item to add to or start a Lady Lovelylocks collection!